What is ATDA?

Albuquerque Talent Development Academy is a 9-12 tuition-free public charter high school that focuses on encouraging students to become self-motivated, independent, self-directed and lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.  Our educational focus is comprehensive, targeting academic, personal, and social growth.  Our school has several features that allow us to ensure a positive, successful experience for our students, including several that are unique to ATDA among Albuquerque area schools.  Please feel free to explore our website and/or to contact the school to learn more about us!

Our Mission

ATDA engages students in grades 9-12 in a safe, talent-nurturing environment that facilitates individual and academic growth through the use of Personalized Education Plans (PEP), research-based instructional methods, and assessment data to help students graduate from high school.

Why We're Different

* Max student population of 200 and average class size of less than 20

* Monday through Thursday regular schedule with available Friday School

* Bussing available from the Westside (contact school for more info)

* Technological instruction driven by two full computer labs

* Personalized Education Plans for all students that are self-paced

* Cutting-edge technology including SMART Boards

* Safe school environment including cameras in every classroom

* Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball sports teams

* Active Student Council and Parent Advisory Council

* Social events such as Homecoming, Prom, and Fall Carnival

* Exciting electives, including Art, Philosophy, Ethnic Studies, and more

* Available tutoring and credit recovery courses

* Dual Credit partnerships with CNM and UNM

* AdvancED accreditation

ATDA Timeline

2007:  ATDSCS opens at its original site at the Double Eagle Airport.

2008:  ATDSCS moves to its current site near Coors and I-40.

2009:  ATDSCS implements many new programs, including sports and school dances.

2011:  ATDSCS becomes a nationally accredited high school.

2012:  ATDSCS's charter is renewed for an additional five years through APS.  The school changes its name to ATDA.

2013:  ATDA adds 50 new computers and 60 new tablets to the campus as the first steps of a major technical upgrade.

2014:  ATDA enters its seventh year of successful operation.

2015:  ATDA adds two new buildings to accommodate increasing enrollment and new programs.

2017:  ATDA adds new signage, a guard building, and other facility improvements in preparation for an eleventh year of operation.

2018:  ATDA's charter is officially renewed for another five years of operation.

2019:  ATDA purchases 170 Chromebooks for students and upgrades all SMART Boards to cutting-edge models in preparation for increased online learning.

2021:  ATDA returns to in-person learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with protocols in place.  To provide maximum flexibility for students, online classes remain available.